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Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy

English and Maths are the foundation for all other learning and essential for modern life. As such they are core subjects for all students from years 1 to 11, all UK school students must have a level 4 pass or higher in their Maths and English Language GCSE/iGCSE to proceed to further education.

With this in mind, Literacy is embedded in all curriculum areas, for example with teachers providing keyword glossaries in their subject. We also have an accelerated reader program for years 1 to 9 to build fluency in speaking and reading., alongside student access to Bedrock to boost students confidence and eloquence in reading. Teachers use modelling of writing techniques and share examples of good work by students along with strategies for planning and redrafting written work. There is also a focus on the use of oracy withi lessons as we know that students will need to be able to articulate themselves in numerous walks of life as they move forward, portraying confident members of the global societies.

It is also the aim of iBOS to boost the profile of Numeracy throughout the curriculum by promoting the use of numbers and measurements whenever possible. All our students need to be numerate so that they can carry out calculations and work logically to solve problems. This then enables them to interpret data in real-life situations.

iBOS Newsletter December 2021 03