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As of March 2020 we only have a limited number of places left for new international students, and the number of places available are reducing quickly.

If you wish to secure your place at our school, please ensure that you have filled in and submitted the admissions form found here.

Our fees section can be found here. 

You can apply to our school by filling in and submitting our admissions form here for either a 2020/21 or 2021/22 start.

Our teaching staff use a wide range of tools to facilitate their teaching, such as interactive whiteboards, live presentation delivery, video cameras and recordings, and screen sharing. Using these tools, our teachers are able to teach lessons to students internationally via an online web-link system.

Online education represents an immensely exciting pathway to the future of learning, as young students enjoy working online and using the latest technology to enhance their learning from the comfort of their home.

We are a new independent school and therefore are not currently ranked against other schools until 2022. However, we offer education provided by UK qualified teachers, and are regulated by the UK government and education system, using the latest technologies and best teaching tools available for our students that schools don't normally provide, especially in this difficult period of lock-downs resulting from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

As we do not have grades that we can showcase, we do offer the option for termly fees to be paid at the end of each term, where the first academic term can be a trial month to guarantee peace of mind when starting with us. Education has started to shift to online-only around the world, and we are at the forefront of this recent global initiative and development.

Our live online school is special in its ease of use, adaptability and procedures.

In these times, research shows that almost every school worldwide is implementing the use of IT and technology as part of their schemes of work where possible, and during the next few decades there will be many more students attending online schools worldwide.

Here at iBOS, we take online learning at heart and as our primary teaching method, and have mastered the live and real-time video lesson integration in our teaching. Our IT infrastructure is more advanced and reliable than the majority of schools that try to achieve what we set out to do.

Our school provides an effective form of learning, without any hindrances, allowing pupils to learn efficiently, as well as giving them time to do all the things they love. At iBOS, we have pioneered a new way of teaching through the medium of interactive online school learning.

No, there is no difference in your qualifications. At iBOS you will receive the same level of qualifications as any other school, which allows you to enter any university that helps you onto your chosen career path.

Our annual fees are currently already discounted at £9000 for Key Stage 4 GCSE/ iGCSE and £9990 for Sixth Form A-Level/ IAL, and are the most competitive for an independent school.

If you need assistance on fees, please submit an admissions form and contact

iBOS school fees are billed termly, at the end of each academic term; autumn, spring and summer, and includes a trial period.

Our fees section can be found here, where you can see the termly fees breakdown.

Our school year started early September 2020 for both GCSE (Key Stage 4) and A-Level (Key Stage 5, Sixth-Form) students.

We offer full support and catch-up lessons for students who enrol mid-term.

Our students are typically between the ages of 11-18, where Key Stage 3 students are aged 11-14 years, GCSE (Key Stage 4) students between 14-16 years, and A-Level (Key Stage 5, Sixth-Form) students between 16-18 years.

We do however take on students slightly older who have had learning difficulties, as well as those who have gone through accelerated learning programmes.

GCSEs students at iBOS have a wide range of EBacc subjects to chose from. These include:

  • A choice of either Double or Triple Award Sciences, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • History
  • Spanish
  • French

We accept international students to study at our school. However, we teach all of our courses in English, including the translations for our foreign language modules/subjects. It is therefore imperative that any student who applies to our school is proficient in both written and spoken English.

All of our teachers are proficient in English and are UK qualified teachers.

We are based in London, United Kingdom, and teach via online video lessons directly from our classrooms here at the iBOS school building.

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