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Lesson Samples

Lesson Sample: English Year 7

This excerpt is taken from Mr. Stephenson’s year 7 English lesson. The class is learning about the Globe theatre. The theme of the lesson is an Introduction to Shakespeare. We can see how the teacher moves around the room to keep the students engaged, and uses body language to encourage the students to expand on their answers. All students have a chance to participate in the Q and A activity.

Lesson Sample: History Year 8

This is a clip from the year 8 history lesson by Mr. Sime, Teacher of History and Humanities. The lesson is on Ancient Rome. The teacher is checking student knowledge on the origin of Rome. All students have a chance to participate. It also shows how our staff use praise to reward students and increase their confidence in the classroom.

Lesson Sample: Mathematics Year 10

This is a snippet of the year 10 lesson delivered by Mr Jaumbocus, the Vice-Principal. Students are working on Algebraic manipulations. The lesson is on Expanding and Simplifying. This short sample shows how targeted questioning is delivered by our teachers and how students are engaged in their learning. There are plenty of independent and collaborative activities in each of our lessons.

Lesson Sample: Science Year 3

This segment is part of a year 3 lesson delivered by Miss Serrurier, Teacher of Science. Students are sorting materials according to whether or not they are magnetic. The lesson is on Forces and Magnets. This short sample shows how our teachers use questioning to check understanding. The students are also very competitive to demonstrate their knowledge.

Lesson Sample: Physics Year 7

This video is taken from a year 7 physics lesson by Mr. Mbogol, Teacher of Maths and Physics. Students are learning about different types of forces. The lesson is on Contact and Non-contact forces. This short sample shows our teachers use questioning to encourage students to think critically and how the students explain their thought and justify their answers.