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Parent Testimonials

iBOS Parent Testimonials

We feel so fortunate that my daughters are at IBOS, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when so many schools had to close their doors. And we can say with great confidence that IBOS, and Dr Mohammadi in particular, is doing an excellent job making sure that the students continue learning, staying connected, and maintaining a regular routine and schedule.

What impressed me most was even though it is an online class, there were very active discussions. There wasn’t much in-class conversation with online programs in other schools, in our experience.

The students would just listen to the teacher and do their assignments. I appreciate the effort of the teachers to make the classes as interactive as possible, and my daughters.

IBOS learning program is highly recommended, and I commend their excellent online teaching strategies.

 “Fadi- Evangelina and Isabella’s father”

I was very impressed by the way that the school does everything possible to make the lessons interactive, informative and fun. The teachers are experts in their fields and work hard to ensure the students make progress. Previously he used to struggle and need to get help from me to complete his homework.


What we liked most about iBOS compared to other schools we looked at was how much personalisation there is for Ibrakhim. The teachers tailor their lessons so all students can engage with the curriculum and develop a full understanding of the content.


I’m glad that despite this pandemic, I have found the best partner for his online education The bespoke support programme for each student is exemplary.


“Zalina- Ibrahim’s Sister”

iBOS Parent Testimonials
iBOS Parent Testimonials

Since joining the school my daughter has learned so much. Every day she is excited about and looks forward to her classes starting. The teachers have worked hard to help her develop her interests and to consider where her interests lie and her plans for her future.

I can see the right balance of leniency and discipline, especially during this difficult time for kids in particular. In addition, I also found no problems with the platform used for online classes. From what I have observed, my daughter could access it with ease.

But the biggest benefit is how she has been able to make friends from all over the world. For this reason, she loves attending iBOS. She now feels inspired and more focused. This has enabled her to be a happier student.

“Catherine- Lacey’s Mother”

The new experience of the global village education system for all nations at the iBOS is a gift to students around the world. We are very pleased with the progress Ilia has made since joining iBOS.

He has made a significant improvement in his English language skills and is more confident in himself. At first, he was very shy but has now begun to interact more with his classmates and make friends. are now able to understand the lessons during class time.

I also appreciate how the teachers are able to give my son the discipline and persistence to attend classes, despite all the distractions due to studying from home.

The guidance from the school has helped him to prepare for the university application process. I applaud the teachers for truly being understanding and patient with all their students.

 “Hassan- Ilia’s Father”

iBOS Parent Testimonials