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International British Online School

Providing an outstanding, traditional education online from the heart of London

Student testimonials

One of my favourite things about iBOS is that we are taught many different languages, which increases my self confidence and makes us familiar with different cultures. I love getting to see my friends from all over the world every day.

The faculty does everything possible to make the lessons interactive, informative and fun. I can spend more time on my hobbies and interests because studying online makes it a lot easier to manage my time.

iBOS is a really well planned online school that allows us to study happily. I enjoy all of my lessons, and the teachers make all of the lessons fun. The live classes mean we can ask questions and talk to the teachers just like in a traditional school.

My favourite subjects are English and Chemistry, they help me improve my English language skills a lot. I feel like studying at iBOS will really help me achieve my goals and get the best results in my iGCSEs. 

iBOS is one of the best schools that there is in the entire world. The teachers have excellent teaching methods that help us students get the best grades possible. iBOS always has the students placed first as they arrange extra lessons after school, even during the holidays and weekends. I have been in iBOS since last year, one of my best schools. The classes are also interactive, and students have fun during lessons.

iBOS, the step to a brighter future. The school is amazing but it needs improvement.

My experience has been very positive. The tutors are incredibly supportive and caring. The school provides high-quality education.
The teachers ensure that the complicated topics are delivered with ease. We also have extracurricular activities every week.

The teachers are excellent. The lessons and the classmates made me happy and fun it was a wonderful

They give all children opportunities for good quality education for their well-being.

iBOS is a great school and community to be a part of. It is very convenient to attend classes; we can do it from our homes and still receive a high-quality education! The teachers are very effective with their teaching style and are always available when we need extra assistance.

iBOS is the Best – iBOS is a professional and international school with many students worldwide. The lessons are exciting and fun. There are group activities, quizzes, and more!

I entered this school last year, and unlike the majority’s opinion, iBOS helped me to participate and complete my A-level years in a school that implements the UK education system and gives equal importance to spiritual, recreational and academic issues. Having international friends from school and meeting them online or even physically is another advantage of iBOS. It is the use of the internet and online media for good!

This is a wonderful school. The teachers teach in a way that makes school fun and wants you to learn.

A great school with excellent teachers and education with lots of effort and work put into it, but all said,
there is always room for improvement. 

Best school – I am currently in year 13, I joined iBOS this year, and in all my time in different schools, iBOS has been my favourite. The teachers are perfect. They help with everything you need, and the school environment is the best.