Key Stage 3

Lower secondary school:

At iBOS, we believe that the curriculum drives the learning experience of all of our students. Dylan William describes this as “the lived experience” of our students. We have high aspirations for our students to achieve outstanding academic progress by focusing on moulding our pupils into lifelong learners.

Our online School has a broad and rich curriculum that challenges each student. The curriculum within a range of subjects and courses inspires students to have a love of learning and helps them gain invaluable knowledge, understanding and skills in every aspect of their education. This incorporates British values alongside linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technical, human, social, physical and artistic learning.

  • 1. The Core Subjects

All students will study English Language, English Literature and Mathematics as part of our lower secondary school package, where students will investigate critical themes and improve their areas of understanding.

  • 2. Science

Students thoroughly cover all key scientific areas by studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • 3. Modern Foreign Languages

Students will study both Spanish and French, providing a foundation of these popular, widely spoken languages.

  • 4. Humanities

Students will read both History and Geography to learn how historical and environmental events influence contemporary socio-economic issues.

Key Stage 3

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