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Student Council

Student Council

Hello, I’m Toqa from year 12 . I am the president of the student council at IBOS. I’m of Egyptian heritage and currently live in Saudi Arabia.

I’m currently studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and English as part of my A-Levels.

Besides studying, I have attended various summits and MUNs. I enjoy creative writing, going on walks, and reading in my spare time.

I am an aspiring medical doctor and plan on studying Medicine as Biology is my passion.

iBOS Students
iBOS Students

Hello, my name is Ibrakhim from Year 11. I’m from Russia and currently living in UAE. In they future, my goal is to become a Business Analyst as I really like working with finance and helping people. 

My hobbies are Football, MMA and History. My aim in the near future is to get a grade 9 in my upcoming iGCSE’s and together with iBOS we can do it!

Hello, my name is Dainius from Year 10. I am from Lithuania and currently living in Spain. 

My goal in the future is to become an IT Developer, as I have a passion for working on computers and I am determined to do my best in order to reach this position. 

I also share a passion for travelling as it helps with relaxation and widens my knowledge of the outside world.

iBOS Students
iBOS Students

Hello, my name is Bella from Year 6. I live in Dubai, UAE. My favourite subjects are Maths and Spanish but when I am out of school, I spend my time doing gymnastics and swimming. 

One of my favourite hobbies is to draw. I enjoy painting, sketching, and colouring. I have two sisters whom I love with all my heart and I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

Hello, my name is Ayna from Year 7. I am from Azerbaijan, but I am currently living in Saudi Arabia. 

When I grow up, I want to be a Lawyer or Businesswoman, and I am trying hard to reach that goal. I love iBOS because the teachers help me a lot, and they also make it fun and enjoyable! 

The teachers are also fair, friendly and kind.

iBOS Students
iBOS Students

Hello, my name is Fatima from Year 12. I am from Somalia but grew up in Kenya and now I’m living in Finland. My goal is to become a Neurosurgeon in the future as it is my passion. 

I always try my best to get good grades, so that I can go to medical school next year. I also love reading books about Medicine. My favourite book so far is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.