Student Council

Tasneem is the Chief Student Councillor at iBOS. She is of Egyptian heritage and now lives in Saudi Arabia after a couple of years living in Turkey. Tasneem attended various schools in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, where she achieved A*s in all her iGCSEs.

Tasneem is currently excelling in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English as part of her International A-Level courses. She is a very organised, persistent student who enjoys helping others.

Outside of School, she enjoys participating in MUN and has participated in a total of 8 MUN conferences, representing a variety of different countries. She also enjoys swimming and reading in her spare time.

Tasneem is very keen on applying to top universities such as Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, where she would like to study Engineering.

Student Council
Student Council

Ibrakhim is a Year 10 student here at iBOS. He is of Russian heritage and currently lives in Dubai, UAE. Ibrahim’s previous school experience includes attending a Russian school until Year 6. When he arrived in Dubai, Ibrakhim participated at an American school, where he was nominated as President of the student council. Whilst he enjoyed attending an American school, he wanted to challenge himself more, therefore deciding to attend a British School, where he also became a student councillor. His responsibilities included suggesting to the teachers ways the School could be improved. Overall, he enjoyed the British system, particularly the academic wellbeing support network that supported him in studying new challenging materials.

His parents decided that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he needed to continue his education online. After researching highly ranked online schools, he found iBOS. In his biography, he says: “I have been amazed by how well the School is delivering better quality lessons compared to top-ranked schools worldwide. I can say that iBOS is one of the best (if not the best) that I have attended!”

As for his hobbies, he enjoys playing and watching football. He is a keen Chelsea FC and Zenit FC supporter. “I know there are other good football clubs in the English Premier League, but I will always support the blues!”

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