Key Stage 2

Upper Primary :

At iBOS, we understand how important our students’ holistic experience is to develop them as individuals, and positive members of our global society, enhancing what Dylan Wiliam calls the ‘lived experience’ of our students. We have high aspirations for every student to achieve outstanding academic progress by focusing on moulding our pupils into lifelong learners.

Our online School is exceptionally proud to offer students the opportunity to study with us at the Upper Primary level (Year 4-6). Our teaching staff and organisation are passionate about learning; this resonates within every aspect of iBOS’ curriculum and ensures we nurture a genuine love of learning within all our students, regardless of background. Students gain invaluable knowledge, understanding, and skills in every aspect of their education. We embed British values into their learning, alongside the improvement of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, social, physical and artistic skills.

  • iBOS’ dedicated and well-qualified teachers provide a high quality, seamless and coherent education from Year 4 (Upper Primary) to the end of Year 13 (Sixth Form). Each child’s progress is carefully monitored to ensure that individual needs are met. Our pupils can tackle personal academic challenges to reach their full potential, which we know they are capable of.
  • High standards of pupil work, behaviour and social interaction are set, expected and gained.
  • We are proudly international, committed to being multi-cultural and aim to embed international perspectives in all aspects of the curriculum. We aim to ensure that our students are well-prepared to respond resourcefully to future global challenges through a rich and innovative range of constructive, collaborative and inspiring learning experiences.
  • Healthy pastoral care is a hallmark of iBOS. From the caring, nurturing environment of our Upper Primary year groups or within the safe and encouraging atmosphere of our Lower Secondary years, rigorous and challenging education is our priority.
  • 1. The Core Subjects

All students will study English Language, English Literature (Literacy) and Mathematics (Numeracy) as part of our Upper Primary school package, where students will improve their areas of understanding by investigating key themes.

  • 2. Science

Students thoroughly cover all key scientific areas by studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • 3. Modern Foreign Languages

Students will study Spanish and French, providing a foundation of these popular, widely spoken languages as part of the modern foreign languages contingent.

  • 4. Humanities

Students will read both History and Geography to learn how historical and environmental events influence modern socio-economic issues.

  • 5. The Arts

Students will study both Fine Art and Music to ensure we develop our students’ immense imagination and creative thinking.

Key Stage 2

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