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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

At iBOS, we understand how important our students’ holistic experience is to develop them as individuals, and positive members of our global society, enhancing what Dylan Wiliam calls the ‘lived experience’ of our students. We have high aspirations for every student to achieve outstanding academic progress by focusing on moulding our pupils into lifelong learners.

We are excited to offer students the opportunity to study with us at the Primary level (Key Stage 2, Years 4-6) at iBOS. Our teaching staff and organisation are passionate about learning; this resonates within every aspect of iBOS’ curriculum and ensures we nurture a genuine love of learning within all our students, regardless of background. Students gain invaluable knowledge, understanding, and skills in every aspect of their education. We embed British values into their learning, alongside the improvement of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, social, physical and artistic skills.

1. The Core Subjects
All students will study English Language and Literature (Literacy) as part of our Primary school package. Reading and writing are embedded in the wider curriculum, and extra time is allocated for reading practice to encourage reading for pleasure. Spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are also strongly emphasized, setting up students for success at later levels.

Mathematics (Numeracy) is the other key strand at this level, we aim to ensure our students are fluent in the fundamentals of the subject and can reason mathematically and solve problems

2. Science
Students thoroughly cover all key scientific areas by studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will learn about the nature, processes and methods of science by working scientifically.

3. Humanities
Students will study both History and Geography to learn how historical and environmental events influence them and how they can impact this in future.

4. Art and Design
Students will learn how to produce creative work, learning drawing, painting, sculpture and other design techniques.

5. Computer Science
Students will learn the principles behind computer science and how to use information technology.