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Exams at iBOS


iBOS is a JCQ-approved exam centre which offers public examinations for International A Levels and International GCSEs through Pearson Edexcel, recognised globally for its high standards and rigorous assessments.

International A Levels at iBOS are advanced qualifications typically undertaken by students aged 16 to 19. These qualifications provide a pathway to higher education and are equivalent to UK A Levels. Each iA level subject consists of four to six modules, which will be cashed in at the end of the course to produce an iA level grade. Students usually study three or four subjects over two years (Year 12 and Year 13), with assessments conducted at the end of the course. If the school and teachers believe that the student is ready to take some modules to sit the public exams for specified modules they will be entered for these exams in Year 12. iBOS offers a diverse range of International A Level subjects.

International GCSEs (Year 10 and Year 11) are typically completed over two years and are available in a wide range of subjects. iBOS delivers Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs, providing students with a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare them for further education, employment, or vocational training.

Where applicable, assessments for both International A Levels (Year 12 and Year 13) and International GCSEs (Year 11) at iBOS include written examinations, oral examinations, and practical evaluations. The school ensures that examinations maintain high validity, reliability, and fairness standards, aligning with international benchmarks for global recognition.

By offering Pearson Edexcel’s International A Levels and International GCSEs, iBOS provides students with internationally respected qualifications, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed for future academic and professional endeavours. 

Key definitions

Entry Centre: This is the centre that enters the student for their public examinations. It means that iBOS is responsible for registering students for public examinations on the Pearson Edexcel portal, such as iAL and iGCSE. The entry centre (iBOS) confirms that the student is enrolled and studying at iBOS and is responsible for post-examination matters including certifications and remarks.

Entry Fee: The fee charged by the awarding body to the entry centre for each paper or subject registered for an exam. Parents are advised to pay the entry fee per the invoice, including exam administration, certification costs, and other associated expenses.

Host Centre: An institution, such as an exam centre or school, that allows external students to take exams at their facility. The host centre is not involved in registering students for exams; instead, it provides the venue for examination sessions and arranges invigilation and administration of paper dispatching.

Hosting Fee: The hosting fee refers to the charges incurred by the exam centre where students will sit for public exams. The centre is responsible for invoicing the hosting fees, which should be paid according to the invoice terms.

Exam Entry Deadline: The exam entry deadline is the cutoff date by which students must be registered for their public examinations, such as iAL and iGCSE, on the Pearson Edexcel portal through their entry centre. Please meet this deadline to avoid incurring a late fee.

Cashing in Results: It is a process by which the individual modules within an A-level subject are combined at the end of the course to determine the overall A-level grade. Typically, each A-level subject comprises four to six modules, and students generally study three or four subjects over a two-year period (Year 12 and Year 13).

Award Certificate: Award certificates are official documents issued by the awarding body to students to acknowledge their academic achievements and exam results. These certificates typically contain the student’s name, details of their award grades, and other relevant information. They are significant for university applications and enrolments as evidence of the student’s academic performance and qualifications.

Appeals: Appeals refer to the process wherein a student, dissatisfied with their exam results, requests a re-evaluation to obtain improved grades. To initiate an appeal, the scripts are downloaded from Pearson upon request from parents and students. It’s important to note that appeals must be made within a specified deadline and may incur additional costs.


At iBOS, students are expected to take exams through a structured process to ensure fairness, consistency, and adherence to examination regulations. Here’s how the exam process works:

  • Sitting exams at iBOS: If students wish to sit their exams at the iBOS school site in Clapham, London, the school generates an invoice including the entry fee, hosting fee, invigilation fee, and certification fee.
  • Host Centres: In the event that the student is not in London to sit their exams,iBOS recommends exam centres based on previous associations or collaborations in the students’ geographical places. Parents are advised not to arrange exam centres independently without consulting the exam officer.
  • Exam Entry:iBOS handles exam entry procedures by entering students for exams through the Pearson Edexcel portal. The school invoices parents for the exam entry fee, administration, and certification expenses.
  • Payment:Parents are required to pay the entry registration fee to iBOS according to the school’s invoice. Additionally, parents are responsible for liaising with the exam host centres and paying any hosting fees invoiced by the host centres directly.

By following this structured approach, iBOS ensures that students have access to appropriate exam centres, comply with examination regulations, and have the necessary support throughout the exam process to maximise their success.

DISCLAIMER – Please note that while iBOS makes every effort to recommend suitable exam centres in various countries, there may be instances where certain countries are not as cooperative in hosting students for exams. In such situations, iBOS may require parents to assist in arranging exam centres or exploring alternative options. Where the student lives in a country where there are no host centres, the students need to travel to a nearby country to sit their public examinations.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in navigating these circumstances to ensure a smooth exam experience for all students.


Students at iBOS take a variety of international GCSEs and A Levels. If you require assistance in finding a code for any AS/A Level Pearson Edexcel subject, please see below:

iAL Exam codes
WBI11 01
WBI12 01
WBI13 01
WBI14 01
WBI15 01
WBI16 01
WPH11 01
WPH12 01
WPH13 01
WPH14 01
WPH15 01
WPH16 01
WCH11 01
WCH12 01
WCH13 01
WCH14 01
WCH15 01
WCH16 01
WEC11 01
WEC12 01
WEC13 01
WEC14 01
WME01 01
WMA11 01
WMA12 01
WDM11 01
WST01 01
WFM01 01
WMA13 01
WFM02 01
WMA14 01
WPS01 01
WPS02 01
WPS03 01
WPS04 01
WEN01 01
WEN02 01
WEN03 01
WEN04 01
iGCSE Exam Codes 
4BS1 01
4BS1 02
4EB1 01
4MA1 1F
4MA1 1H
4MA1 2F
4MA1 2H
4BI1 1B
4BI1 2B
4RS1 01
4RS1 02
4SD0 1B
4SD0 1C
4SD0 1P
4CH1 1C
4CH1 2C
4FR1 01
4FR1 02
4SS0 1B
4SS0 1C
4SS0 1P
4EC1 01
4EC1 02
4HI1 01
4HI1 02
4ET1 01
4ET1 02
4PH1 1P
4PH1 2P
4CP0 01
4CP0 02
4GL1 01
iBOS Students
External/Private Candidates
iGCSE (Excluding MFL)
£195 per sitting*
£220 per sitting*
International AS / A Level
£185 per sitting*
£210per sitting*
£170per sitting*
AS / A Level
£220per sitting*
Exam entry fee (incl. certificate cost)
iGCSE (Excluding MFL)
£85 per sitting*
International AS / A Level
£75 per sitting*

These prices are per EXAM (not SUBJECT). This includes candidate entry, paper dispatch and invigilation services. If candidates require any access arrangements
(Extra time, Live speakers, Prompter, Reading pen etc), please let us know and we can provide a quote for any extra fees to cover these costs.
To register interest private candidates should please email


CAT 4 Assessments: 
At iBOS, when students join the school, they undergo CAT 4 assessments to determine their academic abilities and set appropriate curriculum targets based on their scores. These assessments help tailor the learning experience to each student’s individual needs. The results of the CAT 4 assessments are used to guide the curriculum and set iBOS targets for the student throughout their time at the school.

Assessment point (AP) test:
Students at iBOS are assessed internally through a series of chapter tests known as Assessment Points (APs). These tests are conducted twice in each term, allowing for regular monitoring of student progress. Students from Year 3 to Year 10 take a total of 6 AP tests throughout the academic year. The scores from these assessments are reflected in the termly reports provided to parents, giving them insight into their child’s academic performance.

Weekly reports:
Furthermore, teachers at iBOS are committed to providing regular updates on student progress through weekly reports. These reports detail the lessons covered during the week, as well as the student’s achievements and areas for improvement. Teachers use a structured format, highlighting “What Went Well” (WWW) and “Even Better If” (EBI) points to give parents a clear understanding of their child’s classroom experiences and the support provided by teachers. The weekly and termly reports can be found on students and parents portal.

  1. What qualifications does iBOS offer?

– iBOS offers International A Levels (iAL) and International GCSEs through Pearson Edexcel.

  1. How are International A Levels (iAL) different from International GCSEs?

– iALs are advanced qualifications equivalent to UK A Levels, while International GCSEs are typically completed over two years and provide a comprehensive curriculum for further education or vocational training.

  1. What assessments are included in iBOS examinations?

– iBOS examinations include written examinations, oral assessments, and practical evaluations.

  1. What is the structure of International A Level courses at iBOS?

– Students usually study three to four subjects over two years (Year 12 and Year 13), with assessments conducted at the end of the course.

  1. How are International A Level modules combined to determine grades?

– Individual modules within an iAL subject are combined at the end of the course to determine the overall grade.

  1. What is the role of the entry centre at iBOS?

– The entry centre (iBOS) registers students for public examinations on the Pearson Edexcel portal.

  1. What is the entry fee for iBOS examinations?

– The entry fee covers exam administration, certification, and associated expenses.

  1. What is the hosting fee for iBOS examinations?

– Hosting fees are charges incurred by exam centres where students sit for public exams.

  1. Why should I pay the hosting fee elsehwere?

– The hosting fee is paid to the exam center as they facilitate and accommodate your child during the exam sessions.

  1. What is the deadline for exam entry at iBOS?

– The exam entry deadline is the cutoff date to avoid late fees.

  1. How does iBOS ensure fairness in examinations?

– iBOS adheres to stringent JCQ regulations and maintains high standards of validity and reliability.

  1. What internal assessments are conducted at iBOS?

– iBOS conducts internal assessments, including CAT 4 assessments and Assessment Points (AP) tests.

  1. How are student progress and performance communicated to parents?

– Teachers provide regular updates through weekly reports, highlighting student achievements and areas for improvement.

  1. Can students sit exams at iBOS if they are not located in London?

– iBOS recommends exam centres based on previous associations or collaborations in students’ locations.

  1. What is the process for registering for exams at iBOS?

– iBOS handles exam entry procedures by entering students for exams through the Pearson Edexcel portal.

  1. How are exam fees paid at iBOS?

– Parents are required to pay exam fees per the school’s invoice.

  1. Can students sit exams from their own country at iBOS?

– Yes, iBOS facilitates exam entry for students from various countries through appropriate exam centres.

  1. What happens if a student misses the exam entry deadline?

– Late entry fees may apply, and students may need to sit exams later.

  1. Are there any specific requirements for exam venues at iBOS?

– Exam venues must meet Pearson Edexcel’s specifications and requirements for conducting exams.

  1. How can students appeal exam results at iBOS?

– Students can request a re-evaluation through the appeals process within a specified deadline.