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Exams at iBOS

Exams at iBOS

Unlike traditional schools where all students will sit their exams in one site, as an online school iBOS has to manage exams differently. When a student joins iBOS in an exam year group they and their parents agree to abide by our Exams Policy and be entered for exams by the school. Students should not make their own exam arrangements without the agreement of the school in advance, and consequences can be imposed for breaching this agreement.

For every student taking external exams, iBOS will:

    • Decide when students are ready to take exams (for modular courses),
    • Enter the student with the exam board and send statements of entry to the parents,
    • Assist in locating host centres where students can sit exams and provide these details to parents,
    • Organise transfer arrangements for the student’s exam papers to be sent to the host centre,
    • Receive the results and publish these to students in August.

Students and parents agree to:

    • Take the exams when iBOS recommends,
    • Pay all entry fees as invoiced by iBOS,
    • Confirm arrangements with the host centre for sitting the exams and pay all centre fees they charge directly to them,
    • If sitting exams in the iBOS site in London pay the centre fees for holding/invigilating the exams at our school.

External Candidates
As a registered exams centre iBOS is available to private candidates to sit GCSE, iGCSE, A-level and iALs from Pearson Edexcel at our site in Clapham, South London.
The price for private candidates would be as follows:

    • For GCSEs and iGCSEs £120
    • For A Levels £200 (For international A levels please contact us for a price)

These prices are per EXAM (not SUBJECT). This includes candidate entry, paper dispatch and invigilation services. If candidates require any access arrangements (Extra time, Live speakers, Prompter, Reading pen etc), please let us know and we can provide a quote for any extra fees to cover these costs.
To register interest private candidates should please email