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Back to school tips


Back to school tips

With the summer vacation coming to an end, we are so excited to be sharing these Back-to-school tips to help you get used to school life!

  1. Set up your learning environment

Ensure you have a dedicated study space where you feel the most productive. Try to always study and attend your lessons in the same space.

Arrange your study materials there, this includes your laptop, books, notebooks/ note-taking device and pens. Keep everything organised so you can stay focused.

Also, make sure your workspace has good internet access and has no distractions.

2. Follow a schedule

A few days before the start of school, create a schedule YOU are comfortable with. Set aside time for entertainment, exercise and independent study. This will help you always stay on top of your work and programme your day according to your workload and capabilities and prevent stress due to having many things to do.

You do not have to strictly follow this schedule but it will simply be your guide as to what you would like to do every day.

3. Balance your screentime

Online schooling doesn’t mean you have to use your devices 24/7!

Make sure you set aside some time to move daily, whether it is just walking around your block or dancing at home for some time! Many of our students like spending time drawing, baking and writing poems.

4. ENJOY your school days!

Most importantly, we want you to have the best school experience ever. If there is anything you are uncomfortable with or if you have any problems, let your teachers or caregivers know to help us help all of you.

We can’t wait to see you all soon!

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