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How online schooling affects the mental health of our students

How online schooling affects the mental health of our students

How online schooling affects the mental health of our students

If you had talked about a fully online school to someone 5 years ago, people would have laughed. Why would you have a student sitting at a desk all day to get the education they could get from teachers face-to-face? However, with the advancements in technology, online schooling has become a better option in terms of the mental health of students.

Stress management

At iBOS, the ability to join the lessons from the comfort of your own home without running around every morning to pack your bags, lunch and your gym clothes allows students to reduce their stress levels.

Moreover, peer pressure, which is one of the main factors of stress in traditional schools is immensely reduced with online schooling.


Bullying in traditional schools is a huge problem for many students. Parents and teachers may not notice that their child is being bullied at school so it can lead to depression and self-doubt. Online schooling provides students with a sense of security in being with their families and the people they love.

Furthermore, cyber-bullying is dealt with effortlessly at iBOS. Students can report bullies anonymously and action is taken immediately. Read about “How iBOS deals with bullying” here.

Safety & Reassurance

The sense of safety and reassurance that both parents and students get when they are together is unmatchable, especially during the pandemic and other problems in today’s world. For students, being in a familiar environment and receiving constant encouragement and love from their family factors into the best learning experience.

Finally, every student responds differently to online schooling but, at iBOS, we ensure that ALL students not only enjoy, but also learn effectively and comfortably.

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