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A Day in the life of a student at iBOS


A Day in the life of a student at iBOS

Students at iBOS have the opportunity of waking up right before the start of the school day and not missing even a minute of their class. They do not waste time commuting to school, walking, or rather running to their classes every morning to make sure they do not miss their classes. iBOS provides the advantage of receiving the best education from some of the best teachers all over the UK, all that, while being at home.

7:15 AM

Our school day starts with a 15-minute tutor time/ assembly to allow students to catch up with the school activities. Last year one of our students composed a school anthem which we will be singing every assembly this year!

7:30 AM

Now, students start logging in to their earliest class at 7:30 am UK time through our portal where they can view their assignments, receive feedback and communicate with their teachers regarding homework as well as view their timetables and find the links for their online lessons.

9:30 AM

It is the end of student day’s second lesson, and students get their first break! Students usually have a snack and refuel at this time and refresh for the following lessons.

9:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Lessons take place during this time across all year groups. Our highly qualified teachers ensure the lessons are smooth and that all students are at the level they should be by tailoring the lessons to their students’ needs. This is established through the small class sizes that complies with a 1 to 15 ratio.

11:45 AM

It’s lunchtime! Students get an hour-long break to eat healthily without rushing, interact with their peers, and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

12:45 PM

Most year-groups finish their live classes now. However, they have time for independent study. Younger students are monitored during this time so they have a chance to ask their tutors any questions they might have and receive guidance on how to study efficiently.

13:45 – 14:45

Once a week, students have an enrichment class to develop their social skills, learn to communicate more comfortably and have the chance to do something they enjoy. At iBOS, there is a range of extracurriculars to choose from, these include:

  • Maths Booster
  • Book club
  • Newspaper club
  • Debating club
  • Languages
  • Homework club
  • Model UN
  • Music club
  • And many more

As soon as the classes are over, students can immediately get back to pursuing their hobbies, homework, or just resting! At iBOS, you do not feel drained after the school day is over so our students can enjoy their school day and not stress about it.

What our students think of this schedule

“Studying online saves a lot of time and you can easily find the balance in your life between hobbies and

“You can wake up just 15 minutes before the lesson and not waste time getting ready to go to school”

“iBOS allows me to practice hobbies which I couldn’t because I was so tired after physical school”

We look forward to having you with the iBOS community very soon!

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