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iBOS has assembled one of the best academic and support teams in London.

All of our teaching staff are UK qualified and are highly experienced. Many have held senior positions, and taught in some of the country’s top independent schools. Some of our staff members are profiled here; we hope you will have the chance to meet more of them through our range of online events.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Farshad Mohammadi
Farshad Mohammadi Founding Principal
Farshad Mohammadi has previously worked in several high-achieving and successful schools as a Senior Leader, Consultant, Inspector, Deputy Headteacher, and Headteacher in both the United Kingdom and the Middle East; he has also once worked as a senior adviser to a minister for education in the UK. Farshad started his career as a main scale teacher holding an Advanced Skill Teacher (AST) qualification, which only an elite number of teachers in the UK obtain. He then progressed to becoming second in charge and then soon the head of the department. Farshad is passionate about education and helping students achieve their academic best. With a keen eye for detail, diligence and outstanding leadership, Farshad is determined to offer his students unwavering and lasting support towards their studies and future career goals.
Faizal Jaumbocus
Faizal Jaumbocus Vice Principal
Faizal Jaumbocus is exceptionally proud to be the Vice-Principal at the International British Online School and to help lead the School as the premier School internationally within an online context. Faizal's in his tenth year as a teacher, specialising in mathematics, with 5 of those years being spent as a member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibilities ranging from curriculum development, teaching and learning, data, and raising attainment. What underpins everything Faizal does is his honest belief that our students deserve the very best education that allows them to achieve the outstanding outcomes we know they can achieve.
Bart Pickett
Bart Pickett Director of Learning: IT and Technological Innovations
Bart Pickett has significant teaching and leadership experience in educational institutions in England, Eurasia and the Americas He has also spent two years working in a Trust-wide capacity as an Online Learning Coordinator, helping to drive improvement and remote provision across several schools in the South East of England. Bart started his career in 2004, working with a London-based school where he has helped launch one of the first fully online courses (NVQ, City & Guilds). He currently holds a BA (Hons) Degree (1-1) in Language Studies; Cambridge CELTA Teaching qualification; Goldsmith’s University of London Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Spanish and German), as part of his Qualified Teacher Status. He is also a qualified Advanced Level Examiner with the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). He feels extremely proud and privileged to be able to use his drive and determination to enable all students at iBOS to achieve excellence together.
Terje Grindalen
Terje Grindalen School Business and Office Manager
Terje has a Bachelor degree from the Naval Academy in Bergen, a Diploma from the Department of Defence Staff College in Oslo and a Master of Management from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) - Executive School in Oslo. He has worked in various management, supportive and budgetary roles at national and NATO HQs both as an Air Force Officer (retired in 2000 as LtCol) and as a Consultant and NATO Civilian. He has more than 26 years of experience from NATO HQs in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. He retired from NATO in 2018 and then worked for WEBHELP in Spain before returning to the UK in 2020. As a Norwegian, Terje loves skiing and winter sport, so the few things he misses in London are access to “snowy” mountains, space (nature) and…fresh air. He likes reading, listening to music, hiking, gardening, cooking, interior design and cars (especially muscle and classic cars).

Academic Staff

James Stephenson
James Stephenson Teacher of English Language & Literature
James Stephenson is a Teacher of English. James has been teaching English for two years. Throughout his bachelor's degree in English Language and Communication at King's College, James explored his love of the English language through various text types, including poetry, literature, and non-fiction texts. James is most interested in non-fiction texts and uses them in his classes to cultivate linguistic analysis whilst also developing students' understanding of how English skills are essential to comprehending and navigating through the world that they live in. James previously worked as a Teach First teacher at Stationers' Crown Woods Academy in South East London, which has allowed him to appreciate the importance of helping students of all abilities to succeed.
Adora Sas
Adora Sas Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL): French & Spanish
Adora Sas is a Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages specialising in French and Spanish. Adora has been teaching modern foreign languages in various schools in London and is passionate about languages and culture. Besides this, she has powerful information technology skills from IT certification and 11 years of experience in the IT industry. As well as that, Adora is a trained actress and graduated from the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in October 2013. Adora is passionate about students' mental growth and wellbeing and works closely with our students to achieve their best academically and socially.
Stefan Glyn Sime
Stefan Glyn Sime Teacher of History and Humanities
Stefan is a history specialist and has two years of teaching experience in the UK, as well as 18 months spent working as a Teaching Assistant with SEN students, and several months of work experience in Spain teaching English as a Foreign Language. He also has a background working in museums in the heritage sector. His primary responsibilities are teaching and learning, planning expectations and student targets, monitoring and assessment; pastoral support; and online class management. Stefan is also involved in extra-curricular activities. Stefan has a wide variety of historical interests ranging from Ancient Civilisations, Medieval Europe, the 19th Century, right through to the Cold War. He is also interested in politics and sport.
Francine Serrurier
Francine Serrurier Teacher of Science
Francine Serrurier has been teaching Science for about over six years. She started her career in her homeland of Australia, however after a holiday to England, she decided to move here permanently. During her time in England, Ms Serrurier has taught at various schools in London, Surrey and Hampshire. She uses her passion for Science to engage her students and inspire them to explore the world around them. Francine believes Science goes way beyond the classroom and enjoys conducting experiments for students to do at home.
Janvier Mbogol
Janvier Mbogol Teacher of Maths and Physics
Janvier Mbogol has over ten years of experience in education. Mr Mbogol is a teacher of Mathematics and Science (Physics) at iBOS. Mr Mbogol has always been fascinated by Mathematics as it encompasses critical thinking and improves problems solving skills. Mr Mbogol is also passionate about Physics as it teaches students about universal behaviours and incorporates crucial life skills such as electricity and forces. Mr Mbogol wants to provide the mathematical foundations for students to leave his classroom with the ability to manage their own finances and subsequently allowing them to flourish as young professionals.
Shomrat Ahmed
Shomrat Ahmed Learning Support Mentor
Shomrat has extensive experience working with children, mainly from Primary School age groups. He has taught, supported, mentored and tutored different SEN age groups and continues to do so. With a degree in History and Economics, Shomrat can transfer such knowledge in to his teaching and support techniques. Being able to relate to his own life-experiences, Shomrat has that extra sense of empathy towards his EAL learners – giving him the patience and determination to help these students to develop, gain and build their confidence. With a great passion for football (and all forms of sport), Shomrat can keep active where possible and provide coaching over the weekends.
Maria Vega Gonzalez
Maria Vega Gonzalez SENCO, Teacher of Social Sciences and Primary Lead
Maria is an experienced and knowledgeable SENCO who has started her journey from working with SEND students as a Special Needs Teacher. She graduated from The University of Leon (Spain) in 2015 with a degree in Education. She then further continued her studies through an M.A. in Research in Psychology and Science of Education and an M.A in Psychopedagogy, aiming to have an active role in inclusive and holistic education. She made her way up from being an SEN teacher and soon after becoming a deputy inclusion manager and the school SENCO.Maria is passionate about inclusive education and aims to identify and promote students' strengths by making the curriculum accessible for all the students regardless of their needs, difficulties and conditions. In line with our school's ethos and vision, Maria assists our students by tailoring the learning experience to their interest.
Mr Aidin Poori
Aidin Poori Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Poori is an outstanding teacher of Mathematics with a track record of achievements. His passion and love for mathematics is beyond this world. He has successfully taught Maths and Further Maths at KS5 level with many students landing at a variety of Russell Group Universities. Mr Poori is a renowned subject specialist and has a Masters in Pure Mathematics from the University of Manchester as well as his first degree, also in Mathematics, from the University of Edinburgh. He has been graded outstanding in all his recently official observations, which highlighted his strength in building a rapport with students. In his free time Mr poori enjoys playing the Piano and also is a keen writer.
Nazmun Ali Teacher of Mathematics and Economics
Mr. Ali is a talented, research-informed teacher of Mathematics and Economics. Mr. Ali studied Economics at the University of Leicester where he gained an appreciation of the relationship between Mathematics, Statistics and policy. Recently, Mr. Ali completed his teacher training at Kingston University. Mr. Ali is an enthusiastic teacher who consistently facilitates a provision of outstanding education to all students regardless of their starting point. In his free time, Mr. Ali enjoys reading the Financial Times and The Economist and has a keen interest in the automotive industry.
Jami Ann Priessntiz Teacher of English and Humanities
Ms Priessnitz is an experienced teacher of English and humanities with outstanding student results. Her degree is in English Language and Literature and she also has a second degree in History from the University of Cape Town. Whilst being a fantastic teacher, the pastoral and individualised aspect of education is a significant strength of hers. She truly values critical thinking and problem-solving skills and has the ability to build lasting relationships with both her students and colleagues. Jami is regarded as one of the most conscientious, caring and efficient teachers in our school. She is outstanding in the classroom and shows a genuine desire for the personal success of each student. She is a keen reader and loves travelling in her spare time.
Layla El Jabali Teacher of Science
Ms El Jabali is fantastic teacher of Science with a degree in Biology. She has been working as an outstanding teacher for many years across many high achieving Primary and Secondary Schools in London. She has been very active in youth education for more than 15 years and has had the opportunity to work in different cultures, playing a positive role in nurturing and providing high quality teaching and learning. Her absolute passion is student well-being and ensuring that learning is relevant and guaranteed for all individuals. Layla has great skills in making every single student in her lessons feel special and endeavours to reinforce the essential value of self-belief in them.
Michael Stojko
Michael Geoffrey Stojko Teacher of English and Art
Mr Stojko is an outstanding teacher of English with an amazing career path. He studied English Literature for his degree in London and his teacher training at the University College London (I.O.E). He is an assiduous teacher who loves English and passes on his passion for the subject to his students. He is not just an English Teacher but also a great artist. Michael is a very disciplined and well organised teacher. His lesson planning and preparation for each class is fantastic and he makes sures all students achieve their full potential. He is a professional ballet dancer and speaks Portuguese fluently.
Mr Thibaut Jean Remy
Thibaut Jean Remy Teacher of Physics, Science and Music
Mr Remy is an outstanding subject specialist with a degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Manchester. He also holds a Master degree in Music Technology from the University of York. He is passionate about his subjects with a dedication to empower students in their learning journey, using a variety of formative assessment methods. As a keen physicist, he keeps abreast of all the latest technological advancements through his close links with research, thus making physics relevant to pupils, and equipping them with the skills to succeed in their studies. Thibaut is a professional musician who has composed many songs and plays the jazz guitar at an advance level
Niamh Curtis Teacher of Humanities
Niamh is a Teacher of Humanities, specialising in Geography. Niamh has been working in education for 7 years and is passionate to help students navigate our complex world, supporting both their academic and mental wellbeing. Niamh believes the International British Online School is an exciting opportunity for students to excel and build an interconnected, kind, and innovative community. Niamh has experience working in the City Council in Birmingham, contributing to the city's regeneration plan. Niamh also enjoys traveling and had the opportunity as part of her university course to study peace and conflict with a module in the Gambia, looking at how governments can support women to manage their businesses sustainably. Niamh aims to enable students to become well-rounded global citizens, confident in their abilities to shape and influence our everchanging world for the better.

Support Staff - UK

Jamilia Mehdiyeva
Jamilia Mehdiyeva Marketing Officer
Jamilia started her career in Marketing and Public Relations 16 years ago, after graduating with a Management Systems degree from Siegen University, Germany. She has worked with reputable international organisations and companies, including UEFA, and has a range of professional awards. Jamilia is passionate about her work in education, and iBOS' motto "Achieving Excellence Together" is an excellent reflection of her life outlook. Her free time is spent on yoga and reading.
Maham Tausif
Maham Tausif Finance and HR officer
Maham holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and started working in Human Resources more than two years ago. She spent most of her childhood in Pakistan, travelling across different cities. During that time, she also spent a couple of years in China and completed her IGCSE’s from a recognised school in Beijing. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked with some reputable international organisations, which helped hone her many skills. Maham moved to London back in 2019 and has been in love with the city ever since.Maham loves cooking and trying out different recipes for her family. In her free time, she enjoys painting and DIYs. Surprises are her biggest pet peeve, so remember never to bring them in her vicinity.
Georgios Michalopoulos
Georgios Michalopoulos IT & Network Manager
When he was a teenager, Georgios built his computing foundations, relocating to London for his first degree in Computer Science and subsequently completing his Masters in Digital Media at Kingston University. Although his professional background is in IT, he also thoroughly enjoys multimedia. He enjoys fixing all IT issues we have here at iBOS and is always on hand to help everyone that requires it. He loves trialling and testing new equipment and trying new hobbies, but he is most attracted to electronic music production and photography.
Hannah Zscheyge
Hannah Zscheyge PA to Principal
After graduating from Business School and completing her apprenticeship as a state-certified Industrial Business Management Assistant in Germany, Hannah worked in different administrative jobs in London. One of those jobs was working as a Business Support Professional in an Alternative Provision School in West London. She enjoys working in education as she believes that supporting today's students will pave the way for a successful and positive future.

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