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Our Testimonial

Ibrakim Year 10
I really enjoy studying with iBOS, I’ve studied in many different schools before but I can proudly say that this school is very special to me because the faculty do everything possible to make lessons as interactive, as informative and as much fun as possible.


Helena year 11
I am having a great time with iBOS. The teachers and staff members are very welcoming and the technology is very user friendly, which makes us submit all the homework’s and all the assignments on time.

Hasti Year 10
iBOS is a really well-planned online school that allows us to study happily. The teachers always support us with any problems we have in class. Study process was really smooth and feedback from teachers was on time.

Ali Year 7
Overall, I love every individual lesson and I highly recommend iBOS. My favourite subjects are English and Chemistry, what they have in common is that they help me improve my English language skills a lot.

Aran year 7
Great online facility. What I like about iBOS is that I can be more focused, and when it comes to homework’s we have a plenty of time to do them in.

Toqa year 11
iBOS has many different benefits. The teachers assist us with various subjects as well as their main specialism. Another advantage is getting to communicate with young people from other countries around the world.


Chenique Year 9
One of my favourite things is that we are taught different languages like Spanish and French, which I feel increases our self-confidence and makes us familiar with different cultures.


Fares Year 13
iBOS has excellent relations with us students. This is the best part of the school. Another thing I like is the ease of use of the student portal, which is very helpful for submitting your homework’s and assignments


Tasnim Year 13
Even when we are just talking with our classmates, I feel that we are learning a lot from them, just as much as from our teachers. Everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to!

Antonio Year 10
iBOS has helped me a lot with my iGCSE studies and I appreciate all of the help I have received from the teachers and other students. I really want to thank everyone who has supported me this past year.