School Fees


Instalments for our annual education fees are broken down into three termly fees that can be paid at the end of each term for each academic year; these are shown as a breakdown below. Our method of termly fees, as opposed to annual fees, allows students and parents to trial the education and facilities provided for the first term.

The school enrolment fee is £995, payable upon registration. The first payment for termly fees can be made at the end of the first term period if students and parents are happy with the school education standards we have to offer and the quality of education, and is in response to COVID-19. Termly fees are then charged at the end of each subsequent term for each year. 

For comparison, traditional brick and mortar private schools offer education at annual fees usually between £7,000 – £15,000 (£10,000 average).

Our school fees start from only £3,000 per term, for a total of three terms each year (involving the trial period), using our secure school payment system. An enrolment fee of £995 is also payable upon registration.

We currently have limited places available for new enrolments, so it is best to secure your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

50% bursaries on fees are available for eligible candidates who meet our criteria, for a limited number of students. Successful applicants receive the reduced fee on the annual/termly fees. This offer is designed to assist in paying towards our students’ education from our school education fund. Our allocation funds up to 50% of the tuition fees for those that qualify in each admissions window, and students who demonstrate outstanding potential may be considered.

Academic year 2020/21 starts early September 2020

  • Lower Secondary

    Key Stage 3 (3 terms per year)

    £3,000 Per Term
  • GCSEs

    Key Stage 4 (3 terms per year, 2 year course)

    £3,000 Per Term
  • A-Levels

    Key Stage 5 (3 terms per year, 2 year course, AS + A2 level)

    £3,330 Per Term
  • Enrolment Fee

    One-time non-refundable fee upon registration


Our school offers some of the most competitive fees, providing an unparalleled fee payment structure compared to other International schools that also offer the British National Curriculum to students. However, unlike normal international schools who hire internationally qualified teachers, we at iBOS exclusively hire UK-trained and qualified teachers. This is the key difference between our schools and other international schools, where we are able to provide the British National Curriculum, along with the true British standard of education.

British National Curriculum

GCSE + A-Levels

Specialising in live online video lessons

Regular performance analytics & reporting

Recorded lessons

24/7 online library and resource access

Competitive fees

1st term as trial in year 1

International British Online School


Low fees (up to £3,330) only Payable at the end of Each term


Royal Russell SCHOOL

(United Kingdom)

High FEES (>£12,500)

Per year

The english College

(Dubai, UAE)

high FEES (>£13,500)

Per year




(approx. £21,000)

Per year

Harrow school online


high fees (>£15,000)

and £4,500 per subject

If you wish to make a payment for enrolment or termly school fees, please use the following secure link so that we can process your payment securely with ParentPay: