Our Values

Our Mission, Vision & Ethos


Our Mission is to provide educational services that allow all children to experience success in learning and success in life.

We aim to provide a learning environment where the potential of every individual student and teacher is recognised and valued. With this recognition comes the expectation of high personal achievement, moral standards and a developing awareness of our individual responsibility to each other, our students and the community around them.

We aim to maintain a broad and forward-looking curriculum in which students are encouraged to think independently to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.

At iBOS, we encourage our students to realise their true potential and equip them with a robust set of values for future decision making.

iBOS mission


In accordance with our mission, iBOS aims to develop students to become well-rounded individuals. We aim to empower our students with the best tools and resources, making them capable in following and achieving their dreams, to become valued members of our global societies, and to allow them to make a positive difference to the world, wherever they choose to progress to.

We hope to achieve all of this by being a high-quality school of choice, where girls and boys can achieve more than what they think possible.


Good manners, kind behaviour and a conscientious attitude underpins our School. Teachers, staff, students and their families are expected to support and extend the atmosphere of respect, courtesy, love of learning and the value of friendship that is held dear at iBOS. This peaceful and purposeful intent extends throughout every lesson and into the pastoral and co-curricular activities we offer.

Students leave iBOS prepared for university. They are confident, contributing, and caring members of the global community, and they have embraced the challenge of our specialised education. They will have gained the values that equip them to make a positive contribution, and they will be a force for good in the world for future generations.

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