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More able

More Able

Three separate strands operate throughout the year and alongside each other to strategically target and cater for the ablest students: 

iBOS Students 012

1) In-class differentiation 
All teachers within iBOS receive regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions on the value of differentiation for the more able students, the best ways to achieve this and the impact this will have on students and their learning.
The impact of this is then monitored via lesson observations by SLT, and a review of assessment data and feedback from students.
iBOS expects that all staff provide differentiated work that is designed to stretch students in all lessons and homework.
There is also an expectation that teachers will use the same style of differentiation and language within lessons so that these students are aware of what they should be doing in class.
The knowledge-rich curriculum also ensures that students are clear from the outset about the skills that they require to be successful at iBOS.

2)Subject-specific extra-curricular activities
All subjects offer a yearly additional activity (outside of normal class learning) that is solely aimed at higher achieving students.
All Homework tasks are differentiated so that students know exactly what the stretch opportunities are when it comes to independent learning. These stretch tasks could include extra reading or appropriate activities such as films to watch, podcasts to listen to or museums to visit as part of their Homework.

3) Extra-curricular 
Finally, there are extracurricular opportunities such as booster classes and related clubs for students outside of the curriculum.
All students identified as ‘More able’, will experience at least one activity per year that stretches them academically.

Expectations of Parents/Carers:

You can support your child with their studies in school, at home and beyond by:

• Ask them what they are studying during the day. It helps to have a copy of their timetable so you can ask them when you get a chance,
• Playing board games is great for developing a sense of competition and strategic thinking, as well as a good way of spending time as a family,
• Encourage them to take up a sport or creative activity outside of school,
• Take them to a gallery, museum or cultural venue – find something that may interest you both,
• Engage them in current affairs, asking their opinion and encouraging them to take on board several different points of view,
• Encourage them with their studies, challenge them to develop their skills and celebrate their achievements.