How do we teach?

We use an advanced online teaching platform that provides live video classes to students worldwide.

At iBOS, we have pioneered a new way of teaching through the medium of an interactive online school learning platform which was put together by a group of senior education leaders and consultants with years of experience. We are the first School to pioneer engaging and interactive live lessons from a centralised school building in the UK. All our lessons are tailored to the high standards associated with a British education system and curriculum. iBOS has a conventional school’s facilities as teachers have their own classrooms and access to a fully interactive whiteboard. Lessons are scheduled similar to a normal school timetable, despite being in different locations worldwide. We offer a broad range of subjects and a wealth of learning experiences in our live lessons.

Online education represents an inspiring pathway to the future of learning as young students enjoy working online and enhance their learning experience through the latest technology. Research shows that almost every School worldwide is obliged to use Information and Technology as part of their schemes of work and teaching and that in the next few decades, we will see many students attending online schools worldwide.

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Our teaching staff use a wide range of tools to aid in their delivery, such as whiteboards, video clips, presentations and screen sharing. These are but a few of the tools available to our teachers to help our students achieve the best grades they possibly can.

During our first phase at iBOS, we are catering to secondary school students at lower secondary, iGCSE, and sixth form students at international A-Level. We are lucky to have a well-qualified and professional group of teachers, leaders, and support staff with proven track records of achievement to provide high-quality education in delivering the British national curriculum to our students.

Teachers attend our School in London where they have a typical classroom setup, whilst the students have their lessons in the comfort and safety of their home. The lessons are delivered via a bespoke and cutting-edge online learning platform, where teachers can talk to the students as a group or individually.

One of our key parameters is to deliver lessons in small groups. This way, students can collaborate with other students and have the opportunity to contribute to the live lesson through their online dashboard. However, students cannot talk to each other without the teacher’s permission or approval during the lessons.

Whilst students are working on their tasks during the lessons, our teachers have access to their worked solutions to the questions/tasks and can simultaneously assist them as the lesson progresses. We have an excellent team of support staff in the backroom monitoring students’ emotional behaviour, progress, concentration level and attitude towards learning. The weekly analytical reports are produced and can be accessed via the parent and student portals. Moreover, teachers can facilitate students who feel the need to speak with them confidentially in lessons.

Our students come from many countries in and around Europe and from the Middle East. They are given plenty of opportunities to collaborate and work with each other through their online forums and be able to meet in person during the brush-off weeks.

The majority of our students are typical of those studying in conventional schools; however, we also do cater to those who struggle to attend School due to different reasons, such as those who have not received the essential education or have not developed a foundation in their learning. We deliver success by ensuring that all our students achieve outstanding results using their full potential. We also have a dedicated SEND coordinator working with our students who have special educational needs.


At iBOS, students can focus better on the lessons being delivered by our teachers without the distractions of a traditional classroom. Our staff can identify when a student begins to struggle and offer support to them quickly and wherever needed through constant monitoring.

All our courses follow and adhere to the British national curriculum, while weekly reports are available on our School’s online dashboard. Each individual teacher has an analyst available through which students’ progress, attainment, attitude to learning and behaviour are closely monitored and documented for each lesson to improve the quality of teaching and student learning.

iBOS online teaching

Our teaching staff use a wide range of tools to aid in their hosted lessons, such as interactive whiteboards, recordings and presentations, media uploading tools and screen sharing. These are but a few of the tools available.

With the benefits of modern technology, our teachers deliver interactive lessons, where students engage with each other and enjoy the learning experience from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Students have the option to replay lessons that have been digitally recorded, giving them the chance to adequately prepare for homework assignments and revision for exams in their areas of study.

Video recordings of lessons can help students understand exactly what they need to do in the absence; if a student has been ill and missed a lesson, it is a great resource to help them catch-up. Our recordings are an invaluable resource for our students to help them succeed and achieve the best results in their work.

iBOS online teaching
iBOS online teaching

With access to our interactive school hub, parents can keep up-to-date with their child’s progress and assignments.

Extra-curricular activities such as societies, clubs and events are all accessible via the student hub for students, parents and teachers to collaborate together.

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