Expectations for Learning

The School Code of Conduct clearly explains our expectations of student behaviour in school. The rules we have in place are to ensure that maximum learning takes place, in a positive and safe environment for all.

Our expectations for students are:

  • Be on time for lessons
  • Follow teachers' instructions
  • Listen when others are speaking, and respect their contributions
  • Concentrate in lessons and complete work to the best of your ability

Our rules are there to ensure iBOS is a conducive online live school, where maximum learning can be achieved in a safe and functional environment for everyone.

We want all students to enjoy their time at iBOS and be able to learn in a positive environment. If behaviour is not appropriate to learning, our sanctions are very clear. This information is displayed in every classroom:

Healthy Relationships (Anti Bullying)

At iBOS, our belief is that all our students have a right to learn in an environment, which is safe, and above all, free from bullying and harassment. We consider all forms of bullying to be fundamentally wrong, and believe it is everyone’s responsibility at our school to combat and report all forms of bullying.

– What is bullying?
Bullying is any word or action that makes another person feel scared, isolated, or hurt. In the case of an online school, it can be verbal insults or threats, which can also include such activity through social media.

– What should a student do if they experience bullying?
If you feel you are being bullied, you should speak to a member of staff in school or to your parent/carer. In school, you could speak with your form tutor, your ATL, a member of the well-being team or other member of staff you have a positive relationship with. We will take your feelings seriously and will investigate the incident(s). We will make sure that you feel safe and reassured at every stage in the process, and will speak with your parents to inform them of the situation and what we are going to do to make things better. If, after we have dealt with the incident, something else happens, we want you to tell us immediately so we can deal with the bully in a more serious manner.

– What should you do if you know another student is being bullied?
No one should live feeling that they are being bullied. If you can, speak to a parent/carer or a teacher; they will investigate the matter for you and help you overcome any anxiety whilst dealing with the offending person. The aim of our school is to make you feel supported at all stages of the investigation. Our staff will let your parent/carer know what is happening, as at iBOS we operate a bully-free policy, where any new incidents of bullying should immediately be reported to school staff and treated with utmost importance.