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We take internet safety and privacy very seriously.

All forms of online activity, through devices such as phones, tablets and computers, are constantly having an impact in young people’s lives. Whether it is social media, emails or general browsing and researching, there are always potential risks with regards to your safety and protection of your information, especially so for those who use the internet for educational purposes.

Whether a young person uses the internet for education, entertainment or just as a form of communication, it is playing a huge role in the formation of their identity and development. 

At iBOS, we take internet safety very seriously. and therefore offer advice to our students that enable them and their parents to use the internet in safe ways for learning. Some advice may seem obvious, however they are given periodically to ensure that the safety of our students and the continuation of their education is maintained to the highest possible standard, where support in this can be extended by our communities of teachers, students and parents at iBOS.

If you have any queries or concerns and would like to speak about e-safety and how we deal with it in more detail, please contact the admin team on admin@ibos.org.uk.

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