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International British Online School

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Curriculum Policy

iBOS Curriculum Policy

The aims of our school are:
    • A school where teachers, staff, and students are expected to support and extend the atmosphere of respect, courtesy, the love of learning and the value of friendship that is held dear at iBOS. 
    • iBOS aims to develop students to become well -rounded individuals. We aim to empower our students with the best tools and resources, making them capable of following and achieving their dreams, becoming valued members of our global societies, and allowing them to make a positive difference to the world, wherever they choose to progress to. 
    • Students leave iBOS prepared for university. They are confident, contributing and caring members of the global community and they have embraced the challenge of our specialised education. They will have gained the values that equip them to make a positive contribution.
Responsibility of: The Principal
Date Ratified: 05 May 2023
Review Date: 05 May 2024