History of British Education

The History of a traditional British Education At iBOS, we pride ourselves on the fact that we teach our students the British curriculum, therefore equipping them with the skills and knowledge to attend well-renowned universities. Please see below as we go through the timeline of key events within education.   567: St Augustine founded the […]

What are the best Universities in the UK?

Many organisations, both local to the United Kingdom and international, rank Universities based on a number of criteria, including course satisfaction, student-teacher ratios, and the added value for each student, among a multitude of other important factors. The Guardian is one influential organisation that performs these rankings, as is The Times and The Complete University […]

iBOS top tips for online education apps

This article will outline popular software applications that allow you to message and call your colleagues; as well as the ability to create a virtual online learning platform. At present, there are many to decide between. We will focus on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Adobe Connect. All these applications are free to […]

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