The British Curriculum

The Cotswolds, sticky toffee pudding, fish and chips, the houses of parliament and an underperforming national football team are just a few of the things that run through my mind when someone mentions the word ‘British’. But perhaps, and wrongly so in my opinion, we don’t think of the British curriculum and the impact this […]


   Online Schooling How the life of young learners is being transformed, and better achievements executed using online schooling compared to traditional schooling.   Farshad Mohammadi February 2021   Introduction   Online schooling is a teaching method in which students are taught virtually by teachers in different places with the physical differentiation of a screen. This […]

Education Transformation: online schooling as a new standard in education

Abstract This article addresses the transformation of education worldwide and the upwards trend of delivering online provision at the Primary and Secondary Levels. A brief history of online education pre and post-COVID-19 is outlined in this article, focusing on the framework and approaches undertaken by schools in the UK and abroad. I will then discuss […]

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