About Us

We are the world’s leading online British school

Established in 2019, iBOS is a completely interactive, British online secondary school and sixth form college. We welcome learners from across the UK and internationally. Rather than travelling to school to study, iBOS comes to you. Our specialised learning portal is accessible wherever you are. We offer everything from a traditional school, plus more. 

Our online British curriculum is taught live by our dedicated staff, who have a great passion for their subject as well as their inspiration to see all their pupils evolve into valued members of the community. Once lessons are completed for the day, our students can participate in a range of after-school activities, or catch up with friends on the school’s social platforms.

We also have a team of devoted pastoral staff who are always on hand to support our students and offer guidance.

Why is iBOS perfect for students?

Our live online school is special in its ease of use, adaptability and procedures. Our school provides an effective form of learning, without any hindrances, allowing pupils to learn efficiently, as well as giving them time to do all the things they love.

What should parents know?

Our British curriculum offers a complete education of the core Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 subjects, taking pupils through both iGCSEs and A-Levels. Our school enables students to get the much needed head-start for their further educational studies.  Our online format means students are able to progress and achieve well in their studies within ample time, and to the best of their ability, performing towards their true potential.