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iBOS is proud to offer a full range of subjects for secondary school students (Key Stage 3 & 4). This stage offers core subjects of English, mathematics, and science to arts and humanities. Parents and children can be assured of a well-rounded education in their learning journey.

The students can select up to 10 IGCSE options which allows them to tailor their online education to fit their university or career aspirations. British values underpin our teaching at this stage, creating young people who are truly global citizens who are prepared for whatever the next stage of their life may be. In today’s virtual world, online education has never been better! 

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Why choose to study at iBOS?

The only online British school with a physical schools’ infrastructure. All our live and interactive lessons are delivered by our UK qualified teachers from our school base in the heart of London.

Students can study from the comfort of their homes with classmates worldwide, in a secure environment that maximises their wellbeing. We are an inclusive school where diversity and global citizenship are celebrated.

iBOS is committed to safeguarding, has rigorous Quality Assurance procedures and is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). This has given us excellent exam results and our graduates have secured places at some of the world’s top universities.

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Please request to book your appointment using the form to meet our Principal and learn about our fantastic curriculum offer and our school’s outstanding achievements. You will have the opportunity to ask your questions in this one-to-one meeting.

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N.B Students must be present for this individual meeting along with their parents or carer.

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UK's Best Online Secondary School

Secondary school is referred to as years 7 to 11 in the UK education system. iBOS is considered an outstanding online secondary. We offer a broad range of subjects as part of our curriculum offer. Students in years 7, 8 and 9 are part of the key stage 3 group, and in years 10 and 11, key stage 4. Key stage 4 is the iGCSE or GCSE years when students have centre-assessed examinations with different awarding bodies. We are a secondary school in the UK for international students as well as home students. With the usual distractions and common safeguarding issues students face in traditional schools, we have seen a significant rise in the number of students and families choosing secondary homeschooling. This has resulted in our students being more focused, determined, and enthusiastic. Our iGCSE results are outstanding, with 100% of our students achieving grades 7-9, including Maths and English. Key stage 3 online learning and key stage 4 enable students to excel in their academic pathways and have more time and energy to focus on other extra-curricular activities during school hours with us and outside school. 

iBOS is run by a group of senior leaders who are specialist educational leaders and have decades of experience in senior positions in the UK schooling system. We recruit some of the best teachers in London to come and teach at our school. With a physical school infrastructure, all the teaching and learning are delivered from our school site in London.

As the only quality assured online school, we aim to equip all our students with the academic progress they deserve, achieve the best results and prepare for their Sixth Form.

Why not schedule an appointment to meet our Principal to learn more about our outstanding online secondary school?

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a pioneering online school, we feel that what makes us special is our systems ease of use, adaptability and flexibility. iBOS is recognised by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Council of International School (CIS). All of our teachers are UK qualified and deliver lessons from our school site in Clapham, London. We are also a registered Pearsons Exam centre.

In these times, research shows that almost every school worldwide is implementing the use of IT and technology as part of their schemes of work where possible, and during the next few decades there will be many more students attending online schools worldwide.

Here at iBOS, we take online learning to heart and as our primary teaching method. We have mastered live and real-time video lesson integration in our teaching. Our IT infrastructure is more advanced and reliable than the majority of schools that try to achieve what we set out to do.

Why iBOS

Our teaching staff use a wide range of tools to facilitate their teaching, such as interactive whiteboards, live presentation delivery, video cameras and recordings, and screen sharing. Using these tools, our teachers are able to teach lessons to students internationally via an online web-link system.

Online education represents an immensely exciting pathway to the future of learning, as young students enjoy working online and using the latest technology to enhance their learning from the comfort of their home.

Our school provides an effective form of learning, without any hindrances, allowing pupils to learn efficiently, as well as giving them time to do all the things they love. At iBOS, we have pioneered a new way of teaching through the medium of interactive online school learning.

All the lessons are live and interactive with all of our teachers being based in London and qualified in the UK. They do not work from their homes but deliver their lessons from our school building. This gives better control of the learning environment and is more secure from a safeguarding perspective. This is why we are recognised as a DfE and CIS school.

We are based in Clapham, London, United Kingdom, and teach via the internet lessons directly from our classrooms here at the iBOS school building. Our teachers have their own classroom and we have all the facilities of a traditional school.

iBOS is an online primary, secondary and sixth form school for students aged from 6 to 19. Our younger students are taught the British National Curriculum and the older students study for international GCSEs and A-levels. We are not a tutoring service and we do not offer English as a Second language (ESL) or Higher education (Degree/Masters) courses.

Our students are typically between the ages of 6-19, we are open to all students who wish to study in a British school system anywhere in the world. Primary students are aged between 6-11 years, Secondary are aged between 11 and 16 years and Sixth-Form students are aged between 16-18 years.

We do however take on students slightly older who have had learning difficulties, as well as those who have gone through accelerated learning programmes. We do not enrol adults (aged 20 or higher).

You need to submit an admission form via:, and then arrange an interview appointment via:

After the interview you will be sent an email if you are offered a place detailing the next steps. Places are offered on a first come first served basis and the enrolment fee must be paid to guarantee a student’s place at the school.

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