6th Form

Continuing through to A-Levels and the great beyond

Transitioning to year 13 to study A-Levels from secondary school can be hard and daunting for many students. At A-Level, you study fewer subjects than in GCSE, as doing so allows you to learn subject areas in-depth within a more specified curriculum. At iBOS, we offer meaningful insight into what it’s like studying in higher  education, which A-Level courses are better suited for you in terms of prospects for further education, and we will take you through this transitional period in your education.

  • 1. Small classes with less distractions from typical school - crucial for the formative A-Level years
  • 2. Customised lessons and personalised learning experiences
  • 3. Students who commit to 3 A-Levels study with us for an average of 15 hours per week
  • 4. No timetable conflicts with other school-based activities
  • 5. Live interactive recorded lessons
  • 6. Well structured assignments and courseworks
  • 7. One-to-one academic support
  • 8. Advice on university choices and options for further study
  • 9. Advice on university choices and options for further study
  • 10. UCAS application help and advice
  • 11. Work experience and careers advice
  • 12. CV workshop for internships, apprenticeships and job applications

With our small class sizes, a personalised learning experience is assured at iBOS. Our teachers can customise lessons or expand on topics. Without the distractions of a traditional school, concentration in lessons by pupils is improved, which is especially important in the years 12 & 13.  Pupils who have committed to 3 online A levels, study with us for an average of 15 hours per week. This means there is no conflict with other activities they participate in.

At iBOS our interactive lessons are recorded, this allows any student the opportunity to go back and review a lesson anytime they like. It is a great tool for projects, homework, and really helps with revision for exams.

The university application process can be difficult for some students. Every year, iBOS students are helped by our dedicated team in applying for university places. Our staff help students throughout the whole process and provides regular one-to-one meetings to help students ascertain their career desires. 

We want to give our students the best chance to succeed in their AS and A Levels so, at various points of the year, we hold intensive revision weekends in various subjects, including support courses for help with UCAS and Oxbridge applications. At iBOS, we know the university application process can be stressful, which is why we have a dedicated team to help. Available during the school week, the staff are able to answer and questions from a student about their application.